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The approach we take is that we actually care about your business’ success and our job is to find you the best funding available, based on your specific need and financial circumstances. We will work hard with you to increase your overall fundability and assist you with getting access to those great loan and line of credit terms that you usually only hear about.

Transcript of Video Key Topics:

Short term business loans are:

1) Designed to be paid off in a year or less, saving money on interest over long-term

2) Excellent option for investments that will realize a profitable return quickly

3) Typically used to cover cash flow shortages due to gap between invoicing and payment

4) Common loan type for emergency equipment repair and temporary increases in production

Short term business funding will generally come with lower interest rates than long term loans.

These short term business financing loans will have less fees associated with them as long as the loan does not default.

Time from approval to funding for getting a short term loan for a small business is generally a fast turnaround, which gives the business owner money quickly.

Be sure to avoid “merchant cash advance” or “business cash advance” type lenders as there are usually high interest rates and hidden fees associated to them, and they tend to market terms like fast business financing for short term loans, hoping you will make a hasty decision and ignore the fine print.

Also, request full disclosure regarding fees associated to the loan, as well as what penalties are associated if the loan were to become past due, or default.

Be sure to consider the time to profit on the loan when determining whether a short term business loan is right for you.

You could face hefty fees if the loan repayment becomes past due, which can lead to loan default, and interruption of cash flow.

Consider longer term loan if time to profit window is too tight.

Finding the right loan for your business, with the best terms, that is tailored to you specific financial circumstance all starts with the business fundability test.

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